Are you a marketing manager, business owner or just have an interest in the industry?

It can always be a bit daunting having to define and build a social media strategy from the ground up, so here are our 6 simple steps to get you underway!

1. Carry Out a Social Media Audit

First things first, find out how you’re already doing. Is your video content going viral but your blogs are falling flat? Take that data and apply it to your impending social media strategy!

There are a plethora of free tools online to help you with this so get testing!

2. Competitor Analysis

We’ve all got that one competitor that as much as we all hate to admit it, is better than the rest when it comes to social!

Why not delve into the archives of your competition and see what works and what doesn’t to give you a better steer on how to structure your strategy. Don’t make the same mistakes if you don’t need to!

Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

Otto von Bismarck

3. Choose Your Channels

Next, you need to make sure you’re targeting your audience in the right places. For example, you’re unlikely to reach the right people if you’re selling accountancy services on Pintrest!

Take the time to look into which social media platforms show the best results for your industry and focus your attention there!

4. Set Some Targets

No strategy is complete without targets. You’ve done the hard bit, now give yourself a benchmark to help you learn and improve going forward.

Didn’t reach your follower growth target last month? Look into why and make some changes, then measure the impact for another 30 days and go again!

5. Tailor Your Messaging

An area people often neglect is building a personal connection with your audience and not just selling.

Don’t get us wrong, selling is important! But no one buys from the person shouting on the street corner, so why would you do the same online?

Persuade, engage and just generally provide value before you even think about trying to sell anything!

Take this blog for example, here’s something for nothing!

6. Analyse and Improve

This one is key. We’re VERY big on data here and you should be too.

You could have the best social media strategy in the world, but how do you know if it’s working if you don’t have a way to measure success!

Get your Google Analytics set up, Facebook Pixel and other tools like HotJar and Lead Forensics.

If you need any help, just give us a call on 023 9421 1135 and we’ll run you through how it all works!