Divide started in 2019 and

has been evolving ever since.

Divide Digital was started back in 2016, originally as DigitalDinos by Reece and Carl. The business was started after identifying that many agencies were not providing the insight and transparency that clients really want and need when it comes to marketing and web services.

So, Divide has set about creating an approachable, communicative, and proactive agency that never alienates clients and will always be fully transparent at all times which means there’s never any hidden fees, doctored data, or false promises. Just excellent service, every time.

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The Divide Story

It all started in 2016 when two college friends, Reece & Carl, saw an opportunity.

At the time, Carl was running social media workshops for businesses and Reece was building a forum for web developers. It became apparent that these skills sets would work well together under the umbrella of an agency. So, in July of 2016, just as college life was coming to an end, ‘DigitalDinos’ (as it was at the time) was incorporated!

Fast forward a few years and the business has developed dramatically, not only in terms of brand but also our services, team size, strategy and client base. Our goal is simple, to provide each one of our clients with creative, data-driven services to make a significant & positive business impact.



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Our brand

changed in 2020.

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We are a team

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love to collaborate and create amazing things.

Every one at Divide Digital has a crucial and unique role but we all follow the same values and work towards creating amazing things.
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Frequently asked questions.

How long has Divide been in business?

Divide had been running as DigitalDinos since 2016, however, the brand Divide was formed in 2020.

What services can Divide offer?

We offer a range of digital marketing services to ur clients in various flexible packages dependant on what’s required. Each project we undertake is unique in it’s own way and could require any combination of services & solutions.

Our core services include Search Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy, as well as Data Analysis.

We also offer full website services from design and development, all the way through to hosting and maintenance.

Lastly, we offer branding solutions to help create a long lasting and impactful brand.

You can contact us about our services here.

Is all your work done in-house?

Yes, every service we offer is completed by the Divide team. When needed, we do call upon our trusted network of creatives to help us handle any extra work load, but that relationship is always managed by us, directly with the freelancer so it’s not extra work for you.

I'm not based in Hampshire, does that matter?

Absolutely not. We work with businesses across the country and, in fact, around the world. We’ve run successful campaigns throughout Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East and more!

Wherever you are, we can work together.

Become the brand you want to be with smarter marketing built for big things.