Heat Loss Calculator
and Quoting System

Eco House Solutions required a web app which their sales reps could use to accurately calculate a building's heat loss while taking into account multiple complex factors, then recommending the best system and automatically generating a customised, signable contract on the spot.

An overview of

the brief.

Eco House Solutions came to us looking for an app that could accurately calculate the heat loss of a residential property whist at the house to replace the bulky and confusing spreadsheets they were currently using.

After a few meetings, the brief grew and the app became a fully functioning sales tool which provided complete quotes including optional extras and even a customised contract ready to be signed on the iPad itself to make the sale on the day.

Eco House Web App Mockup 1

Built using PHP and JavaScript

We utilised some of the latest technologies to ensure this application remained secure and fully optimised.

With an iPad focused UX

Built to work seamlessly on any iPad device and work with our client to provide complete flexibility where possible.

Our new app has revolutionised our sales process and allowed us to increase sales conversions, decrease our sales cycle and improve our brand.

Stephen Ingram – Managing Director

The app was launched

and was a success by

all accounts.

Eco House Solutions now use their custom web app for every home sales appointment and regularly close deals worth £10,000’s through the app.

Next, we’re going to develop

a customer facing app

for prospects to use in their own time.

Due to COVID-19, Eco House identified the need for a customer facing calculator where users can get their own quote online. This is currently in development.