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& Development

Hillko are a Hampshire based, recruitment company specialising in the further education and private, commercial training sectors. Hillko required a website that matched their vibrant and eye catching brand, without being too over the top.

An overview of

the brief.

Hillko originally got in touch with us to request a proposal for a new website build that matched their brand and personality as a company.

After having a few phone calls and coffees to really understand the project at hand, we were able to quickly get under way with the design phase which then allowed us to start building to a given design & spec.

Carefully selected imagery

was used to match the

vibrance of Hillko’s brand.

Brand doesn’t stop with logos and text. The images needed to create a consistent feel for the typical website user so that they knew exactly who’s website they were viewing without the need for a huge logo.

Perfectly responsive

on all devices for

easy access by all users.

These days, responsive design is an absolute must but we still see so many sites falling short. That’s not the case for Hillko as we made sure that their website works seamlessly on all devices.

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