LinkedIn are rolling out a brand new look for LinkedIn pages across the U.S. with plans to go global!

LinkedIn have listened to the feedback of millions of users telling them that, let’s be honest, LinkedIn Company Pages are boring and difficult to use. As a result, they’ve built a brand new style of Company Page ‘from the ground up’.

What’s In It For the Companies?

The revamped pages present admins with a list of exciting new features including a host of employee engagement tools, more advanced analytics but also (and this is exciting) a Content Suggestion Tool that’ll give admins a shortcut to sharing and engaging with valuable, quality content on behalf of the company!

The pages will also give admins the ability to ‘Share with Employees’ which means an employer has the ability to post content to their employees feeds resulting in endless possibilities in terms of news, celebrating employees, company communication, culture and more.

What’s in it for Marketeers?

On the marketing side of things, digital agencies will be pleased to know that the new pages will feature integration with Hootsuite and CrunchBase! LinkedIn has always been a little behind the times when it comes to third party integration so this is great to see.

Improved analytics also means that us agencies can prove our worth in a much clearer way. LinkedIn has never been known for it’s in depth analytics but this new update could change that. For example, much like on Facebook, admins can now compare their page’s performance against others in the industry to track their progress and find areas to improve.

Even with these lovely changes, managing a LinkedIn Page (and any other social media channels at that) can be massively confusing, expensive and time consuming. That’s why we help to take the weight off of our client’s shoulders, giving them the peace of mind that their accounts are up to date and fully managed while they focus on what they need to do.

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