Here’s a fun fact… We have a shorter attention span than a goldfish.

When it comes to attracting attention with an advert, you have to be speedy. This is where Facebook Ads (despite the recent bad press) comes into play. Facebook is an ideal platform to influence the right demographic for your business.

At DigitalDinos, we’ve worked with many businesses of all sizes on their Facebook Ad campaigns and this article outlines lessons we have learned and how to overcome the common obstacles.

Have You Researched?

When we first started out with adverts, we often listened to our clients and how they sold their business. We believed it would be the best way to sell the business as it’s coming directly from a reliable source. We were wrong-ish. Now we find ourselves asking some KEY questions in order to identify the real pain points of their potential clients. These questions include:

  • What do your clients want from you?
  • Why do they need you?

If you can identify these then it’s a positive start but you need to go one step further – your own research. If you can find statistics or data to help prove your point, then you know you’re on to a winner. A great way of doing that is by looking at a business’s competitors. What are their reviews like? What works and what doesn’t?

Adverts Need To Be Creative!

Boring adverts just don’t cut it. You need to be creative to stand out from the crowd and most importantly, attract the attention of those you’re targeting. At DigitalDinos, we often find that the most successful type of campaign is a short, snappy video or just a single image. When creating your graphics, try and think about drawing attention to certain areas (without using too much text within the image as Facebook is very strict on that). If you’re using a video advert, we strongly recommend ensuring it’s captioned and the correct size.

Dino Top Tip: If you’re going incredibly creative on your social ads, you need to keep it consistent across the rest of your brand and marketing (mailouts, website copy and so on).

It’s All About The Headline.

A few seconds. That’s all you have to attract attention and encourage your audience to continue reading your copy, then eventually take action. Remember the pain points discussed earlier? You should be using the most important one in your headline to really connect with your audience. Other methods that always work well are using quotes that people recognise or asking a question that gets people thinking.

Ad Copy is Key.

In our most recent Ad for a client, 93% of web traffic driven to the website was on a mobile device. It’s VITAL to ensure your advert works across the board on every device. The built-in preview mode for Facebook Ads Manager is a great way of making sure that your ads look consistent everywhere. Just keep it simple and concise.

Want To Be Even More Irresistible?

Another sure-fire way to ensure you are generating strong leads is to offer something people just NEED to have right now. A couple of ideas and examples we have run in the past are below:

  • Offer a discount (10% off as an example)
  • Limited stock (people hate to miss out on things)
  • Offer a bonus for purchasing/converting via the advert

Facebook may not have had the best press coverage lately but there’s no doubt that it’s as popular as ever. The results often smash those of Google AdWords and our clients have never looked back. If you’d like to chat further about how our Facebook Adverts work or see how we can help you, please do get in contact. I hope this article provided some useful tips for your next campaign.