An Innovative Student Conversion Campaign Using Social Media

A successful international recruitment campaign is key for any UK based university. However, it's all too common that applicants dropout through the long & sometimes confusing process of enrolling at university. We wanted to change that.

Provide applicants with,

a helpful and personal experience.

The University of Portsmouth see’s students from over 150 countries make the life changing trip to enrol at the university every year, with each and every one of them going through a thorough application process to get there.

It was identified that some prospective applicants where dropping out during the long enrollment process and so our goal was to improve student conversion rate by using retargeted ads to keep all applicants up to date and provide a constant line of communication with the University of Portsmouth via social media. To achieve these goals, we leveraged Instagram and Facebook advertising.


We used detailed targeting to ensure our adverts were only shown to University of Portsmouth applicants so that not a single penny of ad budget was wasted.

Visa, halls of residence and finance were all common questions.

By making the most of Facebook & Instagram’s excellent tools, we’re able to run adverts addressing the above questions to people we know are at that stage of their application process. Should they have any questions, we direct them to a dedicated Facebook chat to help them on their way.

Sharing updates, informing applicants of changes and providing overall peace of mind.

Aside from the positive financial impacts this type of campaign can have, this campaign proved excellent as a tool for quickly sharing important messages with applicants and keeping them in the loop for extra peace of mind as they take one of the biggest steps of their lives so far.

Divide have played a key role in advising and working with us on a number of campaigns to ensure we got the best possible digital coverage. Truly a team effort and Divide should be proud of what we've achieved.

Bobby MehtaInternational Director

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