The Coronavirus pandemic continues to have a huge impact on our daily lives both nationally and globally. At DigitalDinos, we are following the Government guidelines much like everyone else and taking the recommended steps to safeguard our team and clients.

All of our team are currently working from the safety of their homes but operations continue to run as normal. We’re very fortunate to be in an industry where we can essentially pick up and work from anywhere.

Naturally, the Coronavirus has slowed our business down a little and we continue to closely monitor our situation. We’re a young, enthusiastic and determined team and we’re always looking for ways to improvise and adapt. We’ll keep our phone lines open during our usual times, we’ll be responsive on emails and will continue to provide exceptional service for our clients.

If you have ANY queries around how you and your company can continue to make the most of their marketing in this strange situation, please speak to us. We’re always happy to have a chat and identify ways that you can continue to strive.

We’re certain that this will be conquered. We WILL get through it and we WILL come out stronger than ever as a community.

Stay safe, stay home and be kind.

The DigitalDinos Team.